Thursday, February 25, 2010


As a 1/10th of the "Rimmel 10," Rimmel London asked me to predict the 10 hottest trends for 2010, from clothes to make-up. Quite daunting at first glance. But I bravely ventured into the future, looked around a bit, documented my findings, jumped back in my time machine just in time to report what I found:

1. Hot Lips
This is officially the year of bold lips. Hot pink, fire engine red, deep maroon you name it, you wear it! My color of choice is definitely hot pink. I like to call this shade Barbie pink. This pic is from a awesome photo shoot I did with TigerTiger! Go here to see more from TigerTiger!

*photo by TigerTiger*

2. Endless Lashes
Where as 2009 was about minimal make-up for me, 2010 is about staying natural while looking like you got fake lashes on! The only way you can accomplish this is Rimmel London's Max Volume Flash Mascara!! I swear by it. Honestly you can ask my friends; I wear it everyday and get endless compliments. Embrace your voluptuous, natural, but fake looking lashes this year!

*photo by Ayesha Chugh*

3. Flower Power
This is the year of the bold. Boldly floral that is. I know it takes guts to rock pink and yellow flowers that scream "I'm a girl!" but trust me, this is the time to do it! Flower print is back in a big way. This is a pic of my friend Anna who is brilliantly wearing a floral dress that fits her perfectly. Remember, outrageous prints require a perfect fit! Unflattering and crazy can be a tragedy where as flattering and unique can be legendary.

*photo by Hana Turek*

4. Sock It To Me
Simply put: wear socks with your short boots when wearing a short skirt, dress or shorts. Have fun with this one. I've seen this look well executed when plain boots are coupled with patterned socks as well. I'm loving it.
*photo by me*

5. Capes For Common Folk
Who woulda thought a non-superhero could wear a cape in the middle of the day? Well the future is bright my dears because this day has come! Rain or shine, these functional, flirty mini-capes are just what you need to stand out(without the hassle of saving the world). Check out this lovely cape captured by our friends at the LA street style blog Culture Creators. Thanks guys!

Click HERE to check out more incredible street style from Culture Creators!

*photo by Culture Creators*

6. Booty Booty Booty
That's right! Studded, sleek, and perfect for your feet. I stumbled upon these on the faithful blog Culture Creators once again! These short booties are extremely versatile and work in rain or shine. I love boots that I can wear anytime of year.

*photo by Culture Creators*

7. Space Cadet
I suggest that as you begin to take more risks this year, try going to a galaxy far, far away for style inspiration. This lovely lady did and it worked. Now, you don't have to take my spacey advice literally....wearing neon colors that pop, mixing shiny textures with matte, and playing with your usually plain silhouette will suffice. Take the risk.

*photo by Hana Turek*

8. Mysterious Nails
I still love bright nails, but it feels right to bring on the drama this year. Why not begin with a mysterious color like Lava Red from Rimmel London?? They have an excellent product called Lasting Finish Pro Nail Enamel which easily creates a smooth and shiny surface that lasts for up to 10 days! Go get it. You know you wanna.

9. Fringe is the Word
If you really want to make a statement this year with your everyday look, fringe is the word. I know Londoners have already made this discovery...and its time for everyone else to get on the band wagon! I dare you to go to your local thrift shop, find a piece with fringe, and make it work. I wore this amazing suede piece in my music video for "Good As Gold" and I found that the fringe alone made my moves come alive! Invest in fringe now. You'll thank me later. Thanks again Culture Creators for this find!

*photo by Culture Creators*

10. Just Be YOU
Being proud of who YOU are, owning your quirks, kinks, and every scar in between is definitely the most important trend...because its the only trend that never ever goes out of style.

*photo by Calethia Deconto*

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Old Familiar Places...

Lezley Saar
"Tooth Hut", 2007, 79" x 78", ink and photos on rice paper

A few Saturdays ago, I went to previously named Jan Baum gallery on La Brea in the heart of West Hollywood. It's been years since I've been back there. I remember putting on my best flower dress, so elated to go to a posh art opening of one of my mother's good friends...who happened to be a the devastatingly cool and talented artist, Lezley Saar. The epitome of coy, Lezley held solo exhibitions at the gallery I grew so fond of. And now, years later, I returned to see her most recent work. She never ceases to surprise and amaze me with her multi-faceted, multi-layered pieces. They are never predictable. She explores and questions binary oppositions so ingrained in our society through painting, photography, and installation. Here is one of her pieces from the show. This small picture does not do the work justice; the piece majestically covers an entire wall and its most intricate details are as significant as its grand size. What meaning can you give to the piece?

For a slightly better image click HERE!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Carol of the Bell

so it went down like this:

barely woke up early in the morning(went out night before...basically took a nap), got coffee, stumbled into the shower, tamed my mane, met up with my producer jon siebels(keys), and my talented and lovely friends jon foshee(guitar), jack dolgen(bass), hana turek(stylist/photographer), and keeper(camera man) who suggested we sneak into fremont middle school to play some music. i agreed. although we interrupted some kids baseball practice and scared a few roller bladders, here's what transpired from that random afternoon....a pleasant rendition of my song "RING IT" enjoy :D

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My London Look


As part of the Rimmel London 10, I received lots of wonderful Rimmel London make-up and goodies to try out and experiment with to get a fantastically fresh and bold look that is just right for ME! After going a few days without make-up, I realized that a natural face fits my eclectic style, yet I still wanted that attention grabbing affect. So, I experimented with all my new make-up over the last week and I think I found the perfect balance...what do you think??

Click HERE to create a unique look that fits YOU!