Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gold As Gold

Presenting my first music video for my song "Good As Gold" directed by Dustin Shepard!!!

We filmed the video at a few of my favorite Los Angeles nooks...Santa Monica Beach, Koreatown, and Hunn Park. It was a glorious day! The sun was shining and the sky was a perfect shade a blue....I feel so blessed and happy. Please enjoy and share with the world!!!!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Proud Namesake: Gavin Castleton

Okay. I admit I'm biased. Gavin is a darn good name. Come to think of it, every Gavin I've ever met has something particularly intriguing emitting from their existence. So far, all of them are men...and I love that. I love being unique in every way possible I guess. Let me introduce to you my new favorite Gavin; Gavin Castleton.

While I was cleaning my room Sunday morning (listening to KCRW online), I suddenly began moving like my sister's gold fish that jumped outta water due to an overwhelming sense of joy(we like to tell ourselves). The contagious bass line, funked up drums, and that voice....ooooowheee....I literally couldn't contain myself. I dropped the broom and had own private dance party right then and there to "Hope is A Drug." Self-produced and waaaay too underrated, this song jus might become this month's anthem and Gavin's raw-silk vocals are obviously my new inspiration. Amen. Enjoy.

Nothing Little About Yukumi

Alluring Voice...unforgettable style. Yukimi Nagano, of the Swedish band Little Dragon, is as timeless as a star and a force to be reckoned with on stage. I saw Little Dragon perform at the Glasshouse in Pomona not long ago and I stood frozen, dumb-founded by her presence. With ease and natural soul, her rich voice seemed to cast a spell on the audience. And her personal style is just as unique. Check out Little Dragon if you're not a fan already. Trust me. Even though this video has an awkward beginning, watch it! You won't regret it :D

I Dream of Venice (Beach)

I secretly fantasize about being a Venice Beach street performer. Those people are legit. Crazy and legit. Maybe one day I'll put on a pink wig and sparkle dress and kill it with a mic and a boom box. But until then, I'll admire from a distance. Brilliant filmmaker/cimaphotographer (and friend) Dustin Shepard, captured my hometown so well in this video. As a native Angeleno, I feel that very few filmmakers do LA justice. With shots of Venice, Santa Monica, and West LA area, Dustin characterizes his LA with skaters, pedestrians, weight-lifters, and a diverse mix of everyday people. His amazing editing skills and a unique flare for capturing people in their natural habitat, this rising star is on his way to becoming a sought after cinematic genius!!

Please click HERE to watch his music video for Example and Dj Wire - "Not So Pretty"

Enjoy :D

Tigers in Heat

Yep Los Angeles is home to tons of talented photographers..but what makes one really stand out in the pack? Outlandish behavior and nudity. Obviously. But I want more! Don't you? I know two lovely tigers who will satisfy your appetite. Charismatic new comers to the scene, Hana and Jenny, the innovative artists behind TigerTiger, have a knack for capturing youth, beauty, and essence of LA life. The BFF's photos are effortlessly cool and refreshing. Whether its architecture, fashion, live shows, or nature's glory, their photos are fun to look at...plain and simple. And it doesn't hurt that they are both drop dead gorgeous with incredible personal style. Here are some recent photos taken from their blog...

Sunday, January 24, 2010


2010 has already brought me many delightful being that I was chosen to be part of the Rimmel London 10! 10 unique and spunky girls were chosen from across the country to bring the "London Look" here to the U.S.!!!

Every month, Rimmel London give us "challenges." The first one is going without make-up for a few days....which I wasn't too excited about. Since the tender age of 14, make-up has been my constant companion. I love eye liner, bronzer, blush...everything! But to my surprise this challenge turned out to be jus what I needed. A refreshing realization that I in fact do not NEED make-up everyday to feel pretty...but I still love wearing it :D

Oh Hello

*photo by calethia deconto*

I am a creative soul who’s extremely passionate about my music…thus, I must make music everyday. Often you will find me either in the studio, writing a song, dancing spastically, or singing to myself.

I try to go to at least one live show a week! I’ve seen my favorite bands in la, from phoenix to little dragon, flaming lips, gnarles barkley, feist, and every little known artist in between…each show inspires my music, art, and style.

I live in the heart of west la, snuggled in between a thriving art scene and an uppity fashion scene. There is ALWAYS something to do. Whether its goin down to La Cienaga’s row of quaint art galleries for some great art and cheese or down to Melrose Ave. for a evening of fashion at Fred Segal, I keep my mind open and my camera ready.

LA is my mecca and im its little explorer. This year, as I refresh my surroundings and my life I welcome you to explore with me.....