Sunday, January 24, 2010


2010 has already brought me many delightful being that I was chosen to be part of the Rimmel London 10! 10 unique and spunky girls were chosen from across the country to bring the "London Look" here to the U.S.!!!

Every month, Rimmel London give us "challenges." The first one is going without make-up for a few days....which I wasn't too excited about. Since the tender age of 14, make-up has been my constant companion. I love eye liner, bronzer, blush...everything! But to my surprise this challenge turned out to be jus what I needed. A refreshing realization that I in fact do not NEED make-up everyday to feel pretty...but I still love wearing it :D


  1. im interested in hearing about the monthly challenges! hooray gavin!

  2. gav! i love you and your make-upless face. and your blog is beautiful! how did you do this background?? good form!

  3. I. love. you! cannot wait fo mo!