Monday, January 25, 2010

I Dream of Venice (Beach)

I secretly fantasize about being a Venice Beach street performer. Those people are legit. Crazy and legit. Maybe one day I'll put on a pink wig and sparkle dress and kill it with a mic and a boom box. But until then, I'll admire from a distance. Brilliant filmmaker/cimaphotographer (and friend) Dustin Shepard, captured my hometown so well in this video. As a native Angeleno, I feel that very few filmmakers do LA justice. With shots of Venice, Santa Monica, and West LA area, Dustin characterizes his LA with skaters, pedestrians, weight-lifters, and a diverse mix of everyday people. His amazing editing skills and a unique flare for capturing people in their natural habitat, this rising star is on his way to becoming a sought after cinematic genius!!

Please click HERE to watch his music video for Example and Dj Wire - "Not So Pretty"

Enjoy :D

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