Monday, March 15, 2010

Do I Hear An ECho ECho ECCChooo

Los Angeles is huge. For all the space it takes up, its funny that there's only a few mini-places that I love to frequent. One being the Echo: a small music venue in the heart of Echo Park that consistently has at least one good music night a week and a chill scene. No need to pull out a party dress for this place; I say that as a compliment. A few weeks ago I went to the Echo to see my friends HAIM play. They were phenomenal to say the least and it was an all around kick butt night. Captivating and classic music, a few good friends from out of town, my dancing shoes, cute boys, and of course photos from TigerTiger made the night unforgettable. And that's what LA is about. Here are some rad photos captured by the lovely ladies of TigerTiger taken that night.....

a fine couple...

i cross my arms when i feel tough

good friends are like fine wine

excuuuse me kind sir...

Click HERE to check out HAIM
Click HERE to check out TigerTiger


  1. Whoa. What beautiful pictures!

  2. awww i wish i could of come! JK!
    but it looks like you guys had a ball.