Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nina the Great.

Every time I need some inspiration...whether artistic or spiritual....there is one musician that always feeds my soul: Nina Simone. Mere words can not express how her music/lyrics/presence impact my artistry. When she performed, she demanded attention without asking for it. Everything from her clothes to her hair, her voice to her classical technique, her hard exterior to her warm soul communicated respect for herself, her people, and her artistry. Effortless and incomparable, Miss Simone draws her listener in like a helpless fish on a hook. Steady as a train, fearless as an ox, her musical depth transcends any box people try to fit her in. She remained true to the art of storytelling with her no frills, straight-up lyrics. Just when you think you've hit the bottom...have got nothing to live or hope for....she reminds us simply...that we have the gift of life. Enjoy my daily inspiration:

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