Friday, July 2, 2010

Coo-Coo for Coco Puffs

Quadron. The name alone entices you. What could this band be about? Quality pop, refreshing soul, something that your heart beats for.....

Quadron is made up of Robin Hannibal and Coco Malaika from Denmark. He produces the music, she sings. Safe to say I am pretty obsessed with the magical duo. Although they've only performed in Los Angeles a few times, I have been there to see them, front center, at almost every show. Youngster Coco, elegantly draws her crowd with her stunning voice. Her inner diva shines as she sings, only to reveal glimpses of a humble, sweet girl in between each song, who probably has no idea how truly incredible she is. Robin's simple yet decisive production perfectly compliments Coco's vocal abilities and quirky lyrics. Here's a short vid I took at the show at the Echo of Coco singing "Slippin." Sorry for the bouncing...I couldn't contain myself from dancing! The self-titled album is available on itunes and worth every penny.

Clich HERE for more from Quadron!

p.s. sorry for the long absence...the storm passed and i'm back!


  1. glad ur back! thanks, quadron is cool

  2. I like them! And I love her dress!