Thursday, July 8, 2010

Never Seen Something Like This Before

Kenan Bell is much more than a rapper from Los Angeles. His humble manner might persuade you otherwise, but his ability to deconstruct today's popular culture so effortlessly in every song without a cuss word or gleaming gimmick, makes him a true artist. Yes, his hooks are catchy and verses contagious but isn't that what making great music is about? Mr. Bell understands that lyrics are meant to be understood, not incomprehensible. His intelligence and spirit shines through in every artistic choice...from his album artwork to his short message to a crowd of screaming fans....every move is sincerely Kenan. Now, a seasoned performer, Kenan has a slew of fans from across the country that can't wait for more from him. Not only am I a devoted fan, but Kenan is also a great friend that I've had the pleasure to watch grow and develop into an unstoppable entertainer.

Here is his first music video for his single "Like This" which highlights the landscape of his hometown, Los Angeles. Enjoy.

Clich HERE for more of Kenan Bell!!

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